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Simon Scarrow & The Eagle Series

This is one of my favourite series of books, written by Simon Scarrow the eagle series follow’s Cato and Macro as they climb the ranks in the ancient roman army. The First book ‘Under The Eagle’ begins in Germania, modern-day France, set in 42 AD. I’ve always been interested in Roman history anyway so the fact that the historical elements are not lost in the telling of these primarily fictional stories is perfect blend for me. There are currently eleven books in the series with the twelfth due to be released in early 2013.  I first read the ninth book in the collection, The Gladiator, back in 2010 and even though it was an amazing book, for some reason it jumped straight onto another book and forgot about the rest of the series. If anything I see this as a testament to Simon’s excellent writing style, that even if you jump into this epic tale halfway though you can still become absorbed in no time. I then decided late last year to acquire the full collection of the books, I had no idea that I would burn through all eleven in a matter of weeks.  The character development is so strong I didn’t wait a second before jumping onto the next book in the series. Where in ‘The Gladiator’ Cato is a somewhat young but still a weathered veteran the first book took me back to him as a scared recruit & I was just waiting for that point where something would happen to make him a stronger warrior. His counterpart Macro is a perfect balance to Cato brains & philosophizing, not to say Macros character is stupid he is a however a no-nonsense soldier that uses the most direct approach to get the job done. There are some re-occurring themes that we have throughout the stories, last-minute cavalry saves, life threatening wounds that result in war scars & the scheming politics that made Roman culture notorious. This never takes away the realistic element for me because ultimately there would have been Roman General’s that made their own harrowing journey to a senior position.  There are so many other characters’ that are equally entertaining to follow and in the earlier books we sometimes get whole sections dedicated to following them. It just makes the books & the world they’re set in so much deeper. I can’t wait for the day when a large TV producer reads these books & realise what a goldmine they are. I know that if done correctly these books could make a series to rival Starz Spartacus and HBO’s Game of thrones. I can’t give the books enough praise and a few small gripes aside I would be happy to recommend them to anyone. The link to Simon & his Brother Alex Scarrow’s website is posted bellow so check it out & let me know what you think. Bless

  1. Under the Eagle – 6 July 2000
  2. The Eagle’s Conquest – 2 August 2001
  3. When The Eagle Hunts – 6 May 2003
  4. The Eagle & The Wolves – 5 July 2004
  5. The Eagle’s Prey – 2004
  6. The Eagle’s Prophesy – 2005
  7. Eagle In The Sand – 2006
  8. Centurion – 2007
  9. The Gladiator – August 2009
  10. The Legion – 11 November 2010
  11. Praetorian- 10 November – 2011
  12. Untitled 12th Book – Early 2013


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