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Fuel Madness & The Hypocracy Of Technology

In the past week we have had people going crazy over petrol in the UK! This stems from lorry drivers who deliver petrol around the UK threatening potential strike action, threaten but not officially confirmed at the time of the panic. Sales went up by 45% after The Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude gave some questionable advice to the public. This was in respect to how much people should be filling up their cars. Let me just say there are only three things that have ever affected me when buying petrol. Number one, the car itself, no petrol, no movement. Second, money, no money, No petrol. Third, and this is normally rare but the petrol station being completely out of gas. That’s it! I’ve never taken advice of a guy on TV about when, where or how to fill my car up.  Mr Maude is quoted as saying: “As and when, when it makes sense, a bit of extra fuel in a jerry can in the garage is a sensible precaution to take. We want people to have the chance, at their own time, when it makes sense to them, in their own arrangements, to deal with things in a sensible way.” . I cant help but see the funny side of things, one man in fount of a camera can cause this much havoc!?! He is supposed to be in a position of responsibility granted but when the hell did we lose our ability to define sensible. I don’t want to make light of the situation too much as there have been a few serious incidents where people have been burnt severely, transferring petrol from one jerry can to another. This if anything goes on to further prove my point, the blind panic created by his off the cuff comments say more about our society than it does about his lack of judgement. Now people are trying to get him sacked! If we’re going to sack Ministers let’s do it because they are a drain on the tax payers money & because they’re slowly siphoning all our cash off till they retire somewhere in a tropical climate. Personally I don’t care if he’s sacked or not, he probably didn’t know he was breaking the law by telling people to hoard petrol in their house like some kind of fossil fuel bank. It’s laughable that people didn’t even wait for the dates of the strike to be confirmed, it was simple as ‘man on tele says to buy petrol’ ‘then off I go to buy petrol’. I drove past about three petrol stations that day with my tank below a quarter & didn’t fill up simply because I didn’t want to. That & the fact they were all full of sheep, I feel sorry for the people who genuinely needed fuel that day! Any way the reason my post title has a second part to it is because I thought it appropriate to post this video in with this subject. We’re going nuts for petrol when there are inventions like this around. There is a link to the company’s website below also, so as always if you like what you find out let me know. Bless


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