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A Little Known Artist Joseph Current

I’m not sure why this Artist isn’t bigger then he currently is. He’s a very talented poet/Reggae performer, he has a great blend of wit and charisma that make him quite unique. I found about him by through a documentary call ‘Made In Jamaica’ which is also a very good picture. Please check his music out & share these two links bellow with your friends. Bless

Joseph Current – Mr Gunner Man

Joseph Current Feat Keke Flint – You Shattered My Life


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2 responses to “A Little Known Artist Joseph Current

  1. fo ⋅

    I completely agree, why is this guy not bigger. I can’t seem to find much about him aside from a myspace page and the stuff from “Made in Jamaica”. Current reminds me very much of Mutabaruka and I can only hope an album makes it’s way to the world someday.

    one love

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