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Top 10 – Thing’s I Used To Collect As A Kid

This is a quick Top 10 of the materialistic crap I used to stockpile as a child. All of it was tat & I must have spent a ridiculous amount on each collection but so what I now just waste it on petrol & food shopping. Let me state now the Images on this post are not mine, these are not photos of my collections.

  1. Marbles

The reason marbles are so important is that each one is unique, they feel special. I had tons of these things and I always found them when I was looking for other things to play with. I’m pretty sure my little brother now has my collection. Also most people growing must have had a friend either swallowed a marble or get one stuck up their nose, so there are always plenty of fond memories surrounding them.

  1. POG’s

POG’s! I have no idea what the fascination was but I had a shoe box full of these bad boys. I will never forget playing for keeps at POG’s. Things got emotional! The general idea for anyone who’s not played POG’s was to stack the POG’s up that to hit them with a ‘kini’ that would flip some of or all of the POG’s over. The one you flipped over would then become yours, if you’re playing for keeps. Me & my next-door neighbour at the time spent hours winning/loosing each other POG’s & many arguments were had over if we were playing for keeps or not. Good times. My POG’s have now disappeared.

  1. Football stickers

Like any young lad I wanted to be a footballer. This meant I had an obsession with everything football related, as you’ll see from my next two collections. The official premier league football sticker collection was one of them. Shiny’s were prized; I used to buy packs for 50p I think they’re about £1.50 now. I used to take all my swaps into school & trade with my friends at break, but the best bit was when someone sticker’s got scrambled! I hope at least some of you get that. I’m sure my sticker albums were thrown in the bin at some point.

  1. Big headed Footballers

I’m not sure how many people collected these but I had a fair few of them. Half of them didn’t actually look like their real life counter parts but that didn’t stop me buying them. The best moment is where I bought the entire Manchester United Squad of 1998, a good year & squad. Again like my POG’s & Football stick albums, I’m pretty sure my big-headed footballer’s in a tip somewhere.

  1. Match Magazine

I actually still have some of these magazines now. My very first one was from 1996 during euro 96 when England had just beat Scotland & although tattered I have managed to keep hold of it. I’ve probably got about twenty issues all from 1996 tucked away in storage. I’m hoping one day a super-rich collector will offer some cash for them. I may well be deluded in thinking I’ll get anything for them but they still hold some sentimental value.

  1. Pokémon Cards

I used to have quite a few of these which is fairly strange because I never owned a game boy. The influence must have simply been from my peers & the media at the time. Needless to say I spent stupid money buying bits of card with fictional creature’s on. It was a big craze & I had loads of them but I didn’t care that much about the collection so eventually I sold them.

  1. Corps Figures

These where some of the best action figure’s ever and when I see them today I still tempted to buy one. There where forty in total when I was buying them and I got to about thirty or so before I lost interest in them.  I think these went to my bro as well, he’s very lucky to have them!

  1. Warhammer 40k

What can I say about Warhammer 40k, I was a kid & it may seem a bit embarrassing now due to the stigma attached to the game but at the time I loved it. I used to like the fact you had to stick the figure together yourself then paint them after. I never really played the game itself either it was just another collection & another hobby to keep me out of trouble. I had the Rhino tank, the Space marine Dreadnought & Raptors think I sold the collection to some lucky person.

  1. DVDs

Now I only stopped collecting DVD’s a couple of years ago so my collection is still quite full. I think one day I’ll just have all my movies on hard drive for convenience but for the time being I’ll just have book shelves that are used for DVD’s. I have quite an extensive martial arts library so I may well do a separate post about them. My first DVD was ‘Iron Monkey’ so that kind of set the tone for the rest of my purchases after that.  

  1. Lego

The ultimate kids plaything; Lego was & is my favourite toy. I’m actually looking forward to having kids so I can buy Lego again. I’m not quite sure when I stopped playing with Lego but it would have been at the same time I stopped playing with toys. Once again my not-so-little little brother has got the benefit and now he’s grown up I may even ask for it back again! Anyway I thought Lego would be a fitting last place for my collection as it’s the only one I would seriously think about taking up again.

I’ve posted a poll bellow so please take the time to vote & pick the one of my top ten you horded the most. Bless   


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