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The Drunken Master – Jackie Chan 1978 ****FULL MOVIE****

I was 14 when I first saw this movie & by now I think this must be my most watched film. Jackie Chan plays a spoilt little brat named “Freddie Wong” (a folk law version of Wong Fei-hung) who is constantly getting in trouble but has a better talent for making a bad situation worse. In the end his father, master Wong sends him to be taught by a supposed beggar ‘Su Hua Chi’ who teaches him the ways of the 8 drunken gods, but not until he’s had a whole lot of training. Everything about his training in memorable from the cracking of walnuts with his thumbs to the filling up of bucket of water with egg cups. It embodies everything great about classic Chinese cinema. The sequel is equally impressive in terms of action but this film has something little more special about it. It may well be because of the villain being so memorable ‘Thunderleg‘. This guy is an all-out old school bad-man; he kills for money & doesn’t ask questions. This sets up the perfect antagonist for the young Freddie to clash with. All of his training comes to a climactic end where he, now a drunken style master, manages save his father’s life in a battle to the death. I’m not going into too much detail because I’ve posed a YouTube link bellow to the full move, so watch it!   


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