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My Video Of The Moment

So I’ve not posted for a little while as I’ve been real busy with work & some other projects I have going on. As its been a minuet I decided on a new post category ‘My Video Of The Moment’. This clip is crazy, the FPSRussia channel on YouTube has over two & a quarter million subscribers currently, clips like this are why!

Now regardless of how you feel about weapons technology & its progression this invention is impressive. If you take away the reckless weapon use displayed in the video you’ll see extremely advanced technology that’s now available to buy for anyone will to spend that kind of cash. A hover craft controlled buy a computer tablet would have been an alien concept just a decade ago now its on the verge of becoming common place. Leave me a comment & let me know your views. Bless


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I'm a dedicated lover of freedom with a passion for promoting positive affirmative action to benefit the global masses.

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