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Chunky Mark!

This guy is my new best friend! Mark ‘Chunky’ McGowan is a ranting nutcase, but what makes him different from the rest is that he’s got a point. His delivery is extreme explicit & uncompromising, I cant help but agree with a lot of what he’s got to say. He predominantly gives his views on society & has been involved in a number of high-profile stunts. Just watch a couple of the clips of him eating a ‘Corgi ‘ the same dog the Queen of England has. This was as a protest against the RSPCA’s failure to prosecute Prince Philip for shooting & beating a fox with a stick. Very extreme, but the dog had died of natural causes so I say go ahead. Anyway check his videos out, I posted a few along with a link to his website bellow, let me know you’re views. Bless


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I'm a dedicated lover of freedom with a passion for promoting positive affirmative action to benefit the global masses.

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