I’m Alive!! (Comeback Post)

Ok, so I’ve been off the blog for nearly a Month or so now & I’ve got a million reasons why but mainly because I didn’t Make time. I’ve been recording a bit, works kept me on a fairly tight leash so the back log of different things I’ve got to post is huge. As such I’m going to make this a  random mix post to catch up. 


This is a cartoon montage for a freestyle I recorded a couple of weeks ago as always please give me some feedback good or bad.

Man with the Iron Fist Trailer

Epic Trailer combining nearly everything I love about film & pop culture. One to look out for.

I’ve just finished reading ‘A game of thrones’ The book to the now popular HBO series. Like many people after the 2nd season finished I was like ‘Hell hawh!’  so I’m reading the books. They’re not quite as adult as the TV series may have you believe but brilliant complex reads all the same.

I’m currently waiting for ‘Breaking Bad’ to start is 5th & final series starts on the 15th July in America (& 16th on Kickass Torrents!). An excellent show & I don’t often say that about TV programs but Its go all the elements of a true classic. If you’ve not watched it lucky you, start now from series 1 by the time your through with them you can’t watch the conclusion. I hope the producers don’t the show justice with an appropriate send off.

Here’s a cheeky little documentary I found on YouTube this weekend. It a simple digestible breakdown of how the banking system is strangling the society we live in.  If you thinks its all just rubbish comment give me you views.

Tracks Of  The Moment

Chill spot Riddim, a sick summer tune that I can’t get enough off. Tarrus Riley’s version compliments the strings well, another reggae hit!

Clips of the Moment

Epic Fight scene from ‘Meals On Wheels’ a Jackie Chan classic when he was in his prime!  Speaking of which his new film ‘Armour of God 3’ is set for release on 12 of December this year (12/12/12!) I’ll add the trailer bellow!

So that’s it the most random unprofessional blogging post so far! Thanks to everyone who is following so far sorry about the recent lack of content but I’m back!! Please message me or comment if you have any views on the various topic I’ve posted about & I’ll be posting soon. Bless


The Harder They Come 1972 ****FULL MOVIE****

As promised in my last post here is the link to the full movie ‘The Harder They Come’ – This film is a tale of a country man who moves to Kingston seeking fame & fortune but quickly becomes wrapped up in the cities seedy music industry. Jimmy Cliff plays the part perfectly & he showcases his musical talent well along the way. The sound track is top class, I would recommend getting hold of a copy if you ever have an opportunity. I don’t want to get too much into the story because I want you watch the movie but if you don’t have time its a classic rise & fall of artist gone power mad. I’ll put the trailer in bellow so check it out for a sample movie. As always let me know what you think bellow. Bless

Chunky Mark!

This guy is my new best friend! Mark ‘Chunky’ McGowan is a ranting nutcase, but what makes him different from the rest is that he’s got a point. His delivery is extreme explicit & uncompromising, I cant help but agree with a lot of what he’s got to say. He predominantly gives his views on society & has been involved in a number of high-profile stunts. Just watch a couple of the clips of him eating a ‘Corgi ‘ the same dog the Queen of England has. This was as a protest against the RSPCA’s failure to prosecute Prince Philip for shooting & beating a fox with a stick. Very extreme, but the dog had died of natural causes so I say go ahead. Anyway check his videos out, I posted a few along with a link to his website bellow, let me know you’re views. Bless


My New Track – Ear Candy Freestyle

I’ve not been posting much lately so I thought I’d explain why. This is one of the coming tracks I’ve been working on. The beat is from a Latvian producer whose is a friend a Latvian rapper I know. Mostly the feedback has been positive but if you have any other comments I’d welcome constructive criticism. Comment bellow & let me know your thoughts. Bless

My Video Of The Moment

So I’ve not posted for a little while as I’ve been real busy with work & some other projects I have going on. As its been a minuet I decided on a new post category ‘My Video Of The Moment’. This clip is crazy, the FPSRussia channel on YouTube has over two & a quarter million subscribers currently, clips like this are why!

Now regardless of how you feel about weapons technology & its progression this invention is impressive. If you take away the reckless weapon use displayed in the video you’ll see extremely advanced technology that’s now available to buy for anyone will to spend that kind of cash. A hover craft controlled buy a computer tablet would have been an alien concept just a decade ago now its on the verge of becoming common place. Leave me a comment & let me know your views. Bless

My Classic Tracks Of The Past

I can’t get this song out of my head at the moment so that means I had to post it! Capleton on Hardtimes Riddim with That Day Will Come, it’s a classic in every sence of the word. I  love this track to max & the lyrics are what music is all about, passion & freedom. Bless

My Classic Tracks Of The Past

Another classic track & I had to go with DMX Slippin’ simply for the fact I used to have this tune on repeat constantly as a teen. It’s got everything I love about rap in it, Soul, emotion & a well put together instrumental. I  can’t get enough of it hope you enjoy it too. Bless

My Tracks Of The Moment

My track of the moment has to be Konscious Kin with Energies of Darkness.  You may have seen a clip of a freestyle I posted in my ‘Rap As An Art Form’ article. It’s always nice to hear British artists coming out with some genuinely positive content. The Video is shot well & the track is timeless, hope you enjoy. Bless

Top 10 – Documentaries I Would Recommend

I’ve found myself watching a lot of documentaries lately so as a result I thought I’d post a top ten ‘ Documentaries I Would Recommend’ list. In this fast paced society I think they can give us a glimpse of life for other people or even help us to challenge perceptions of our own lives. A well put together documentary will always mean more to me than a film because the stories will carry on after the cameras are packed away & the media moves on to another hot topic. The recorded images can still help shine light on issue’s that unless you live in the same region, you probably wouldn’t have heard about. Now the top ten is in no particular order so I’ve posted a poll bellow this update for any would be participants a chance to vote. Most of the links I’ve posed on here are for the full movies so you can watch them all & post your onions comment’s etc. I would also like to hear back from anyone who has some of their own favourite docs to share.

1. Made In Jamaica (2006)

I first watched ‘Made in Jamaica’ back in 2009 & when it first started I wasn’t sure what it was. I look like a ‘behind the music video’ featurette. Complete with flashing lights and scantily clad women dancing about you may start to wonder if this is a documentary at all, but within 5 minutes this ‘music video’ takes a dark turn. I suddenly cuts to a news reader reporting the shooting of Gerald ‘Bogle’ Levy an iconic Jamaican dancer, who we’d just seen moments before on the screen performing. Its shown the fragility of the Dancehall lifestyle with a simple cut. It then begins to uncover the roots of Dancehall, reggae & Jamaica it’s self with a real care & attention to detail. There are a host of famous Reggae & Dancehall artists here to tell their story, Bounty Killer, Capleton & the legendary Bunny Wailer to name but a few. The focus switches between the interviews & live music performance with such ease the by the end you could have watched another hour, without losing interest. This was also the picture that I found out about Joseph Current & footage from this production has been featured in my post about him earlier this month. It’s a must watch for any true music lovers.

Director: Jerome Laperrousaz

Running Time: 1 Hour 45 Mins

Release Date: 23rd of October 2009


2. The Last White Hope (2007)

I picked up this DVD randomly about 5 years back with a bunch of other films but i was glad I did. It poses some interesting questions around the motives for the ‘War on Drugs’ initiated by President Richard Nixon back in 1971. There are some crazy stories told in this film that will defiantly have you scratching your head. Like how is the CIA still in operation at all after the Scandal around Manuel Noriega? Surely the public in America would object to an organisation that is funded by the drug money they are supposed prevent being made in the first place?! Maybe not. Anyway that having been said there are a lot of other pressing issues raised in this picture that should have the USA citizens at large very concerned. A good brain tickler that connects some interesting dots together.

Director: Kevin Booth

Running Time: 2 Hours

Released: 2007


3. The Future of Food (2004)

‘The Future of food’ an ominous title that only goes on to earn pompous name. It sheds light on the insane practices of patenting living things, plants, seeds & even animals. I watched this last week & it’s made such an impact I have a post planned on the ideas of universal patenting vs. monopoly law. The practices used in this film are unnerving to say the least. Essentially the companies pushing for universal patents on living resources would render us unable to grow anything that contains any element of a resource they had a patent on. For example if a plant on my land was found to contain an element of patented resource I would be subjected to legal proceedings, fines, lost or stock etc. This couldn’t and shouldn’t be possible in a free world so it makes for quite an uncomfortable watch even if it does end on a lighter note. A look at the future, questionable at the same time me must ask if the conglomerates vying for power have our well-being in mind at all; or are they more focused on the global monopoly of the food market with their genetically modified produce. It grabs you from the off & doesn’t let up, watch & share.

Director: Deborah Koons

Running Time: 1 Hour 28 mins

Released: 30th of May 2004

                4. BBC – Human Planet Season 1 (2011)

This one is a series but there was no way I could leave it out. Human Planet is the most epic of the documentaries on this list, by a long way. The BBC has had a long-standing tradition of putting together world-class wildlife & nature films. Human planet doesn’t disappoint with any of its eight episodes, from the Ocean to Deserts & Jungles to arctic landscapes it showcases humans in all of our diverse habitats. I have to start with the cinematography, its sweeping camera shots slow-mo moment’s & very intimate close-ups of situation we would never normally see. The cultures are all unique & I’m so glad that people have documented at least some of the different people on this vast planet. I rarely happy about having paid my TV licence but this is one of the few occasions I was. There are plans for a season two already based around humans that have near supernatural abilities & although I’m sceptical whether it will be as good as the first I’m still looking forward to it. Watch all 8 episodes you will not be disappointed the link to episode one is bellow, enjoy.

    Executive producer: Brian Leith & Dale Templar

Running Time: 8 Episodes – 1 Hour Per Episode

First Episode Aired: 13th January 2011

Released On DVD: 21st February 2011

                5. Sicko (2007)

Michael Moore’s film Sicko paints a bleak picture of the health care system in America. From the beginning it shows stories of numerous US citizens who ironically have health insurance; they just get completely shafted by it. The most touching story for me was about a lady who’s year & a half old daughter was taken into hospital with a high fever & instead of being treated they hospital staff called the insurance company. They company Kaiser then advised they could only treat her at one of their hospitals. The woman child died in transit just as she reached the HMO’s hospital. This is just one of the many ridiculously inhuman stories you will hear & honestly it does make me happy to live in a country where this wouldn’t happen (yet); a Dr who has taken an oath to save live watching a baby die because an insurance company has told them too.  I’m not a massive fan of Michael Moore’s documentaries however he does show a perspective this time that hard to refute as one of his normal ‘crusades’ as the media would say. It’s much more hard-hitting & I would recommend this to all. The first of twelve parts of the documentary is below.

Director: Michael Moore

Running Time: 2 hours

Released: 26th of October 2007

                6. Life & Debt (2001)

I only watched ‘Life & Debt’ last year even though it had been recommended to me a couple of times. It gives a tragic picture on the tropical island & instead of the idyllic image conjured by the word tropical we are shown a very dark side to this small islands heritage present and future. It shows how so-called civilized countries have had a strangle hold on Jamaica & also goes some way to explaining poverty in all ‘third world countries’; because although it is set in the west indies it just as easily could have been South America or Africa. Corruption is rife but sadly this is nothing new, the loans given out by the IMF to ‘poorer’ countries simply cripple any chance of economic recovery. This is a smaller scale version of the coming events in east Africa (if there not already in full flow now). The irony is the fact that people still go to the Caribbean to get away from their troubles, most oblivious of the amount of suffering going on hundreds of meters away from the tourist resorts. This is defiantly a watch & recommend kind of film the full movie is below.

Director: Stephnie Black

Running Time: 1 hour 20 mins

Released: 28th of February 2003

7. The Interrupters (2011)

Now before this list gets to depressing I needed to make sure that their were some documentaries on the list a bit more inspirational. The Interrupters is about a community project to help deter, stop as the group’s name would suggest interrupted violence. The team’s primarily built of ex criminals & former gang members which means that when they do speak to teens on the street they tend to listen. It would be easy to see the negatives in this picture but I can’t help but see the positive of it. It helps to promote a life changing charity that is doing its best to fight what most would say is a losing battle. The courage of the people in this film in a testament to the inherent good in mankind that people who have mostly lived a ‘bad’ live can utilise their experience & help the next generation to progress on a positive path. I’ve only managed to find the trailer so if anyone knows where the full film can be watched online please let me know.

Director: Steve James

Running Time: 2 hours 5 mins

Released: 22nd January 2011


                8. Exit Through The Gift Shop (2010)

This is a unique picture for the simple fact that the director becomes the subject.   Thierry Guetta a French oddball is a film lover & loves to document every moment of his life in film by carrying around a hand-held camera. Somewhere along the line he gets involved in street art and the underground culture of graffiti. He then made it his mission to travel America & some of Europe filming the artists of the local scene. Now debatably one of the biggest underground stars around ‘Banksy’ then crosses paths with our eccentric cameraman & the story goes from oddly interesting to almost surreal. I don’t want to spoil how it ends but it’s safe to say that a Hollywood script, writer would find it hard to create a more paradoxical tale. Any fans of street art or cinemas will enjoy this.  Again I have only managed to find the trailer for this one, please post any links.

Director: Banksy

Running Time: 1 hour 27 mins

Released: 5th of March 2010

9. Zeitgeist – Moving Forward (2011)

This film defiantly plays more to my questioning side & as a documentary is does ask a lot from you. You need to give this film your full attention to not look at it sceptically. I typical take everything with a pinch of salt so I don’t totally buy into all of the ideas in this film, it does raise a number of striking questions. It attempts to deconstruct the massive problem of how our planet is run by the dominant world super powers & even goes as far as to offer a hypothetical alternative if we lived in the perfect world. It would be a bit of a farce if I hadn’t already asked myself these questions a million times; what would a perfect world be like? Now the fantasy world is by no means what I would call a perfect world but it is interesting to see what someone else has come up with. It touches on many other subjects but begins with psychology which again is full of interesting theories. I watched this film earlier this year with my partner & her parents; it defiantly started a couple of debates. Don’t expect the answers to life’s questions just because the narrator seems like a fountain of knowledge. It would be very easy for gullible viewer’s to change their whole world perspective after watching a film like this, so I think it benefits the open-minded most. It does plant the seed of curiosity which I think is much healthier then simply programing you. The full film is below please check it out & tell me what you think.

Director: Peter Joseph

Running Time: 2 hours 41 mins

Released: 15th of January 2011

10. Africa Unite (2008)

This has got to be one of my favourite on the list, I love reggae music & this is embodying the spirit of the art form sublimely. It follows the Marley family as they make their first journey to Ethiopia for Bob Marley’s 60th Birthday & to perform at the annual Africa Unite concert. In addition to their journey it takes a look at the various methods the African people are implementing to benefit their continents. This continent could feed themselves easily if farming took priority over ‘developing infrastructure’ as external countries would have them doing. This would then free them from having to import food from outside of nation that only seems hell bend on trying to conquer the natural resources. I would love to see this beautiful nation rise but they can only do it by freeing themselves form the yoke of oppression that’s being forced upon them. This is what this film is all about how to improve a place that could hold much of the world future in its hands. What would we do when the cradle of life is pillaged beyond repair? I enjoy the fact the Marley family can set a precedent for Jamaican by exploring their roots abroad and trying to do something to assist our ancestors by promoting unity with music. One of Bob Marley’s last public engagements was meant to be with African leaders to seal an agreement for African unity I feel this pay appropriate homage to his aims & I hope it is not too late to see this dream flourish. The trailer is below & then below that is a link to the full movie. Defiantly watch this one & let me know what you think.

Director: Stephnie Black

Running Time: 1 hour 28 mins

Released: 2008

Africa Unite (2008)

So there you have it the ‘Top 10 Documentaries I Would Recommend’ I hope you’ve watch some if not all of these films now; you can vote bellow in the poll I’ve posted. Bless