My New Track – Ear Candy Freestyle

I’ve not been posting much lately so I thought I’d explain why. This is one of the coming tracks I’ve been working on. The beat is from a Latvian producer whose is a friend a Latvian rapper I know. Mostly the feedback has been positive but if you have any other comments I’d welcome constructive criticism. Comment bellow & let me know your thoughts. Bless


LowKey Quits!

As of the 17th of April 2012 Lowkey the Uk rapper/political activist has decided to take a step back from music. Here is an extract taken from Lowkey’s Face book page which has now been shut down “After many months of contemplation I have decided to step away from music and concentrate on my studies. Maybe at some point I will get back into it again but at this stage I feel I should direct my energy in different, more helpful directions. The ego is a destructive thing and I feel this business and these social networks in particular have a tendency to feed it in an unhealthy way. I will be deactivating this page. Thank you for all those who have supported me over the years. See you on the other side people.” He was & is one of the few artists to put out couscous music that really challenged the status quote. I personally am happy for him as I believe it something he obviously felt strongly about. Music can be a very destructive thing if not welded in the right way. He has such a powerful voice so hopefully people will follow his political work as much as they did his music. Any one saying he should stay in the music game I feel where you’re coming from but that thought comes from a selfish place. I wish the brother all the best & hope people learn from his music that’s already been released. I’ve post some of his videos bellow for you to enjoy. Bless




My Classic Tracks Of The Past

Another classic track & I had to go with DMX Slippin’ simply for the fact I used to have this tune on repeat constantly as a teen. It’s got everything I love about rap in it, Soul, emotion & a well put together instrumental. I  can’t get enough of it hope you enjoy it too. Bless

My Tracks Of The Moment

My track of the moment has to be Konscious Kin with Energies of Darkness.  You may have seen a clip of a freestyle I posted in my ‘Rap As An Art Form’ article. It’s always nice to hear British artists coming out with some genuinely positive content. The Video is shot well & the track is timeless, hope you enjoy. Bless

My Classic Tracks Of The Past

Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers was the first album I ever bought & the reason for that was this single “C.R.E.A.M.” I must have listened to it over a hundred times & I will never get sick of it.  Enjoy a true rap classic. Bless

My Tracks Of The Moment

Not many tracks need an interview along side them to explain the content, but that’s exactly what you get with Plan-B’s new single ‘Ill Manors’. I’ve followed his music for a while now & this is some of his best work. Wicked flow, brilliant content & a beat to match. The interview is posted bellow, check it out & comment. Bless

Now Firstly let me say that in my opinion the modern-day version of ‘Real Hip-Hop’ that we primarily hear today isn’t’ Hip-Hop at all. It’s simply evolved to the point where those original sample based break beats are very rarely played on radio unless they are seen to be a “Commercial Classic”. Now this isn’t all radio station’s but in the UK where I live it is bigger stations that pump out sub-standard, watered down Hip-Hop ‘Music’. I’m no rap professor and I’m sure every will have their opinion on the newer rappers, but this isn’t about anyone else. I dislike the majority music of released by Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross & the like. Now I would never say these people are not talented or even dedicated however, what I do question is the ridiculously ignorant lyrics that for some reason more people tend not to listen to. These detrimental backward practices take what should be an art and have reduced it to something actually harmful. What I mean by that is it doesn’t benefit the listener in any way other than to create an impossible image which the record company can them sell you through their shit merchandise, some benefit. I honestly feel like my brain rots a little more when I hear the lyrical drivel that now passes for what I think is really one of the greatest art forms, Rap. So what do I think real rap is? Something that is positive, intellectual or even controversial. I like Artists such as Immortal Technique; he is defiantly a more raw kind of artist who I compare to DMX or Canibus in terms of raw energy and passion. I enjoy seeing Mos Def and go at it. I also Rap and I will post my links on the blog amongst all the other subjects. There are some many talented people who should have more credit given to them but because the music business is saturated with ‘filler’ artist that there’s no room for new greats to emerge. I will however post videos of new up and coming rapper’s that I like and hope you do too.  I have a love for Reggae, Soul and Rap I would say equally but I don’t think in their modern form they are equally respected. Anyway it’s just food for thought and leads me to post a few videos of Artists I mentioned above and one of my own. Bless Up

Freestyle Cypher with Mos def, DMX, Mike G, John Forte,Big pun & Canibus

Immortal Technique – Dance With The Devil

Bigga P’s Cypher – Ghetto Dream’s Produced by No ID

Konscious Kin – Energies Of Darkness